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by Valerie on June 4, 2007 · 0 comments

So since starting this blog and prattling on about etailers, I was wondering how the non-bath-and-body-obsessed gal could shop for etailer stuff without doing a ton of research. Plus many etailer websites have SO many choices it gets overwhelming if you just want to place a quick order.

Then it hit me: Etsy! Like ebay, Etsy has a rating/feedback system, so you can see how reliable the sellers are. And generally the selection is smaller and much more like a amazon in layout.

As I mentioned in this review, DistilledRose is a cold process soap maker on etsy. I was very pleased with my order and the quality of the products. Everything is very natural (and if you are looking for completely vegan products, this seller has many).

I did find two more sellers to try, after way too much time spent browsing (fortunately I did not buy anything).

Those two sellers are:

Mad City Soap – the scrubs are made with all natural ingredients. I looked up the preservatives she uses for the scrubs, and they look about as natural as you are going to get. She does use color and fragrance in her scrubs, but they are close enough to natural for me to eye, as are the cold process soaps. I would skip the foaming bath parfait and the body butter as both have parabens in them

Daisycakes Soap – This has gotten good reviews on makeupalley. I would personally skip the glycerin soaps and go for the good cold process stuff.

Just so that my time browsing etsy is useful to someone, there are many bath and body sellers out there, and many who proclaim being all natural, and have parabens and other chemicals in their products. DistilledRose seems to be the most natural I could find.

Ok, off my soap box LOL regarding the parabens.

The Mad City scrubs really are appealing. These scrubs are supposed to be like IoE’s (which started the whole trend of layered colored scrubs a year ago), which means they are going to be similar to CYS’s Foaming Sugar Scrub and Auntie Rhubarb’s Sugar Frosting. Both those scrubs are favorites of mine, but have parabens or other chemicals, so maybe Mad City Sue will allow me to break the habit. I first need to use up a bunch of scrubs, but next time I want a foaming scrub, I think I will try Mad City Sue.

Also, many bath and body sellers on etsy have Saturday night specials — that’s how I tried DistilledRose soaps with the 3 soaps for $7.50 deal!

Special thanks for my friend June-wei for introducing me to etsy. And do check out other sellers on etsy — I have gotten some beautiful handmade stationery through sellers there as well. Enjoy!

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