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Today’s Lunchbox

January 11, 2010 Lunchbox for blog

  • A Sweet Green Smoothie, recipe from Affairs of Living
  • Elana’s almond flour bread (the 1.0 version), made with two ducks eggs instead of three chicken eggs.  I purchase duck eggs at the farmer’s market I go to every Sunday (where all eggs sourced are ethically produced, free range and largely grass fed).  Since I cannot tolerate chicken eggs and have too-low cholesterol, I am experimenting with duck eggs as I try more grain-free baking
  • A salmon salad of sorts, made with leftover wild-caught salmon with red pepper, celery, carrots, cilantro, lime juice (all leftovers from fish tacos the night before) and a smidge of grapeseed Vegenaise.  I did not even like mayo that much when I ate eggs, but somehow grapeseed Vegenaise appeals to me. I do not consider it a whole food, but the ingredient list is short and it can come in handy at times, as it did with the fish tacos.  When I made them,  I was really missing the tang of crema. I was trying to recreate these fish tacos I had years ago at the Ferry Terminal market in San Francisco – they had wild salmon, crema, and a slaw made of carrots and red peppers (no cabbage that I recall).  When I took a bite of the tacos, they were pretty close, but definitely needed a crema stand-in.  Since I had not planned ahead (coconut milk with chia seeds and lemon juice makes a good sour cream, but requires overnight soaking) my only option was Vegenaise, which worked perfectly.  When I was packing leftovers, I wanted to get the same flavor profile in the salmon salad and it worked.  The salmon salad worked well with the almond bread, though I recommend packing them separately as the bread could get soggy.  Next time I am trying the same flavor combination with tempeh instead of salmon.

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