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by Valerie on January 18, 2011 · 2 comments

Hi everyone. I am so excited that today’s lunchbox is from a reader, soon to be blogger again, named Faye.  She is setting up a new blog this month, but in the meantime offered to guest blog here. Faye is from Canada and is also a lawyer so we instantly bonded over that and our lunchboxes.  Her lunchbox looks pretty awesome. I need to look into that pie.  In the meantime, here is Faye:

photo lunchbox

I’m thrilled to be a guest blogger here at City|Life|Eats.

I’m also a lawyer trying to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, and that requires that I get up a little early every day to prepare nutritious lunches. After years of chronic illness and experimenting with different diets – I’ve found that the diet that nourishes my body best is one that is gluten-free, high raw, mostly vegan, which excludes most processed foods (I do sometimes have difficulty resisting Vegenaise!).

Today’s lunch:

I love quick-and-easy recipes and for this reason, I adore the simplicity of the Juice Pulp Crackers. As I’m already making juice, I save 5 cups of the pulp in order to double the recipe linked to above and I have crackers for a week. I also love the fact that this recipe only requires 4-5 hours of dehydrating. It meets my needs perfectly and the crackers are really tasty.

photo crackers

This was the first time I made the Caramel Apple Pie, and it was well worth the extra time Saturday afternoon. It’s delicious – even my non-raw, non-vegan neighbour said he was surprised that he enjoyed it so much. I cut it up into slices and popped them into the freezer. Every day this week, I’ll be pulling out a piece of pie for my lunch. It’s such a treat.

photo pie 

Thank you Faye! Your lunchbox looks lovely.  And by the way, Vegenaise is also one of my processed food weaknesses, as you can tell for my lunchboxes from the last few days.


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1 Erin S. January 18, 2011 at 4:38 pm

I am really glad I am not the only one that comes to work with a minimum of 4 containers!


2 Maggie January 28, 2011 at 11:53 pm

Okay, I have seen this pie twice now so that means I'll have to make it some time – I am so intrigued!


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