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by Valerie on January 26, 2011 · 0 comments

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I do not make a big deal of it, but as you know, the lunchbox you see is not always the lunchbox I eat on that exact day.  Yesterday’s was a same day lunchbox, but Monday’s was actually the lunchbox from the previous Friday for example. I try to keep them in order so generally, if it is not the same day’s lunchbox, it is the previous day’s, but {Yesterday’s Lunchbox} does not quite have the same ring as {Today’s Lunchbox}.  I have debated posting my lunchbox same-day but that means you may not get it until, oh, 10pm that day. Of course, that happens even when I am posting the day before lunchbox.  Bottom line, it varies and I am still trying to figure out the best schedule, especially considering this is the 91rst lunchbox since I officially started this series in September (I think there are a couple of lunchboxes from earlier in 2010 that I added to the category). Wow, 91 lunchboxes. There were some awesome guest bloggers amongst those as well.

Ok, must stop digressing – all that said, today I am going into work later, so I just need a snack and a late lunch, so this lunchbox is realtime:

  • An encore of last week’s noodle stirfry: same basic approach using Emily’s four-ingredient peanut sauce, but there is broccolini and red pepper in this week’s mix.  And double yay to my husband for making this last night.
  • A side of steamed kale and collards
  • Cran-Berry Smoothie by Ricki of Diet, Dessert and Dogs.  Ricki is working on her next cookbook – Anti Candida Breakfast Dishes – and I feel so lucky to be among about the recipe testers as I am loving all the recipes.  However, being a recipe tester means I cannot tell you what is in the smoothie, which makes sense. I can tell you it is creamy and wonderful.  And, in the meantime, go look at Ricki’s latest creation – Sushi Pizza. Does it not look divine? I own all three of Ricki’s cookbooks, and have raved about her blog before.  Ricki is lovely and fun and I love how Diet, Dessert and Dogs is about food and life and health. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday.  And if you would like to be a lunchbox guest blogger, see here


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