{Today’s Lunchbox} Too Much Food

by Valerie on February 18, 2011 · 1 comment

Today’s lunchbox is another one from guest-blogger Faye. She addresses something I keep meaning to bring up with you all – how I don’t always finish my own lunchboxes. I know for me – I would rather overpack lunch and have some leftover, rather than underpack, but I am still figuring out what is a good margin versus what is super-overpacking. Faye’s post today is very helpful in thinking about this.


Today’s lunchbox:

  • Green Smoothie: Banana, Apple, Ginger and Kale
  • Cucumber, Celery, Grape Tomatoes with Hummus
  • Zucchini and a peeler to make fresh zucchini pasta with Angela’s Avocado Pasta Sauce.  I love watching Matt and Angela’s adventures in Vilcabamba. And I love seeing their horses (I rode intensely for 7 years as a teen). And I love Angela’s easy recipes – this one for Pasta Sauce was simple and delish and also very refreshing.
  • Nori Cigars
  • Banana Buckwheat Bread with Raw Almond Butter (by Nuts to You Nut Butter)

banana bread

In any case, this lunchbox is yet another example of how I overpack my lunches. Some of my other lunchboxes didn’t showcase what I pack (and not necessarily eat) for a full work day. Today’s does (minus another mason jar of green smoothie). And I didn’t eat all of it; some food is still sitting in our fridge at the office. I always drink my juices and smoothies first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, wait an hour or so and then snack on solids. I made it through all my lunch except for the zucchini pasta. The smoothie could not have been more refreshing. It’s yet another treat from Victoria Boutenko’s Green Smoothie Revolution.


green smoothie

Today’s massive lunchbox is nothing new. One of my closest friends in law school would often speak of loved ones. She was a storyteller, and a good one at that. Once she told me of a loved one who grew up in poverty. His father often drank his salary away and his mother wasn’t always able to make ends meet. She told me that years later, after having his own family and a successful career, he would break out into a panic if there was no milk in the fridge. To him, a lack of milk meant a shortage of food and, obviously, hunger.

I fortunately never had this experience yet I’m constantly afraid of not having enough food or of being hungry. I was the kid who packed snacks in her bag for even the shortest trips or the girl who would stuff her purse with granola bars before a date. Really. Just in case.  I’m not sure what it stems from – perhaps some day I’ll discover the reason.

Thank you Faye.  See Faye’s past lunchboxes here, here, and here.

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1 ELC February 18, 2011 at 1:39 pm

What a beautiful and healthy-looking lunch!


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