{Today’s Lunchbox} Bringing Whole Foods Salad Bar To the Lunchbox

by Valerie on June 28, 2011 · 2 comments

Monday lunch 005

Happy Monday! Yesterday I had the worst craving for a big salad from Whole Foods (and yes, I know there is always potential for gluten cross-contamination, which is why I do not make a habit out of it, and scrutinize the offerings very closely) but we had a ton of food at home seeing as it was Sunday and we had stocked up on produce and groceries.  So I decided for today’s lunchbox, I would mimic the WF salad bar concept, which to me is all about the different textures of the toppings.

  • Romaine, spinach, kale in one container
  • All the toppings in the second container: azuki beans (cooked in the rice cooker), a big dollop of azuki miso, a new quinoa salad concept (quinoa with green beans, oregano, lemon and olive oil – a bit of a Greek spin), and under all of that a big pile of juice pulp pate, made with olive oil to complement the other flavors.   This was enough to top my lunchtime salad, and then have a bit of the toppings to eat as a late afternoon snack pre-yoga.  Bottom line, the combination of lemony toppings and textures really hit the spot.
  • Green juice: cilantro, celery, carrots, lime juice, ginger (this was my mid-morning snack)

I tried a two-yoga class approach today – I did that twice during the 21 day challenge (ie go to the 7am and then again to an evening class) but I did it today on not enough sleep and that was a lot harder.  I am beyond stretched out tonight.

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1 bitt June 28, 2011 at 7:15 am

It so depends on the Whole Foods if there is contamination issues or not. I have been to my share of whole foods and each is layed out so differently. I love it when they bother to make the vegetarian stuff in a seperate section. It just seems like it depends on how much room they have. You can always contact them and let them know. I too like a salad with fun toppings like that.

Did you get my email?


2 Jen @ keepitsimplefoods June 28, 2011 at 1:42 pm

Love the idea of making a homemade version of a Whole Foods salad. I'm so obsessed with their salads and you're so right- it's all about the different textures and colors!


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