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by Valerie on August 10, 2011 · 0 comments

I try to keep Tuesdays and Fridays a little different than just a standard lunchbox – perhaps a guest post or a weekend or travel lunchbox or talk of containers or a new part of the tour of the small kitchen where I make the lunchboxes (360 kitchen tour and the kitchen drawers).  In fact I am overdue for an installment of the kitchen tour, but today I wanted to talk about food shortcuts.  Behold:

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I went to Costco a few weeks ago and stocked up on quinoa, which cooks beautifully fast.  I usually order it from Amazon via subscribe and save but the price has been steadily going up (here’s the answer incidentally), so now the better deal is Costco instead of Amazon.  I was also excited to see the truRoots sprouted bean trio. I have eyed it at Whole Foods but found it too pricy, whereas at Costco the price was about 30% cheaper.  I am excited to have two such quick-cooking proteins at bulk prices, and you can bet you will be seeing them in future lunchboxes.

And while we are on the subject of Costco, they have a good price on coconut water:

lunches, u street market, smoothie 010

Coconut water is not a lunchbox staple for me, but has come handy during this ridiculously hot Washington, DC summer.  I saw this article that coconut water is not as “healthy” as it is supposed to be, but I find on a hot summer day where I cannot stay hydrated no matter the amount of water I drink, coconut water really helps.

What are your favorite quick-cooking pantry staples?

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