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by Valerie on August 27, 2011 · 0 comments

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This weekday lunchbox from earlier in the week was also part of getting back into routines after travelling.  Lunch and a couple of snacks – it was all about dips and dippers:

Lots of convenience foods help in the form of juice and crackers.  I had originally meant to make the hummus before leaving for HLS but had run out of steam so made it the night after I got back – fortunately, hummus takes just a couple of minutes in the food processor, so is a good quick food.  The black bean dip consisted of a bit of hummus left in the food processor, some coconut butter, leftover defrosted black beans we had had as part of dinner salads on Sunday, and the last of the frozen chopped bell pepper which needed to be used up. The flavors were good, but the seasoning needs tweaking.

One of the things I was asked a few times while at HLS was whether I followed a high-raw diet.  In practice I do rely a lot of raw foods and eat somewhere between semi-raw to high-raw. Raw foods are much faster to prepare (as long as you don’t delve into the complicated parts of the repertoire), so sticking to lots of raw foods as the base of my lunchbox definitely speeds things up when I cannot rely on leftovers, such as when returning from travel. I am also a big believer in getting lots of vegetables into my diet, and the more raw veggies the better in that they are closer to the source. Conceptually (philosophically?), however, I do not believe the premise that cooked foods are wholly depleted of nutrients, and I do eat quite a few cooked vegetables.  As for green juice,I have had it on and off for years (more so when I lived in New York and it was easy to purchase freshly pressed green juice) but only started drinking green juices and smoothies regularly a couple of years ago, more for ease of digestibility (before realizing I had an abnormal reaction to gluten and dairy, my digestion was far more finicky than now) and convenience.   

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