{Disclosures} Currently I am an affiliate of four companies. In all instances, I purchased products well before I decided to become an affiliate. 

While I purchase all my TranquiliT items and have done so and blogged about the line for a long time, as of July 2009, I am both a member of the TranquiliT Tribe and an Affiliate.  TranquiliT is one of my favorite clothing brands - in fact, most days I am wearing at least one item. Iherb:I am huge fan of Iherb and as such decided to join their affiliate program.

Meghan Telpner:
I am an affiliate of Meghan Telpner, Inc.  I found Meghan Telpner's e-guide on low-glycemic eating instrumental in my health. My experience with Meghan Telpner has been through reading her blog (packed with great information) and her e-guides. I have not been a client of Meghan Telpner's services as a nutritionist.

I am an Amazon affiliate. I mainly decided to go ahead with this because whenever I rave about a product, I am often asked where to buy it - and often, my answer is Amazon.  I researched the Amazon affiliate program extensively, and found that it really assists bloggers with providing easy-to-download pictures and information, so I chose to sign up not only because I would recommend Amazon anyways for many of the products I like, but also because it made blogging about something that much easier, and finally, let's face it, Amazon is just plain efficient.

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