MAC Tendertones – I am finally catching up

by Valerie on June 20, 2007 · 0 comments

When the MAC Tendertones came out, I was buried under a pile of paper at work. In such situations, I usually call my friend Hillary (a.k.a. one of my makeup gurus who also keeps up with all things MAC and LE) and asked whether I should be trying to get to a MAC counter. I am not a big MAC fan like Hillary and many others, but I do love tinted lip balms, so I had to ask. Hillary’s verdict: “you know, they are not that pigmented, and some of the colors are not that great.” So I stayed under my pile of paper. A few days later, I briefly tried a work colleague’s new Tendertone, and liked the texture, but it was very similar to my beloved Stila Lip Pots, minus the sunscreen. Between Hillary’s meh review and the fact I was completely in love with the somewhat similar Stila Lip Pots, I figured I would let the Tendertones buzz wash over me.

And then, I decided I needed to write a review on Stila Lip Pots to post here, which is when I found out that they were being … yes … discontinued. They are no longer listed on the Sephora website, and none of the good colors are on the Stila website. I did a little googling to confirm, and yes, indeed, Stila Lip Pots are discontinued.

Now, my mode of dealing with a discontinued product is not to stockpile. Instead, I need to find a substitute ASAP and, of course, went right back to the Tendertones, especially after reading several positive reviews on Pucker. I picked up the last one at the MAC counter at Nordstrom in Pentagon City, and it is quite pretty. Pucker is very much a my lips but better and glossier pink shade, and the texture really is lovely. I am hoping some Tendertones (in more pigmented colors) eventually become available as part of the permanent collection at MAC. I like them better than the Tinted Lip Conditioners which smell fairly strongly of sunscreen and are not as smooth.

And while MAC hopefully gets more Tendertones out there, I still have my Stila Lip Pots to wear.

On other news, I picked up my Bobbi Stonewashed Nudes palette at Bloomingdales in Soho last night. I had to go back to work after picking it up, but the palette is SO pretty it totally helped me be productive another hour. I will try it today and post a review ASAP.

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