Beach in the City – “It’s not a smoothie, it’s a Vivanno”

by Valerie on July 19, 2008 · 1 comment

Beach in the City – A seasonal feature about bringing the beach to the city even when you can’t take a vacation.
Beaches remind me of fruity drinks. It’s just a given. This week, Starbucks debuted the new Vivanno drinks in New York. Despite my love for many things indie, and especially indie coffeeshops, I still go to Starbucks very often and am always curious about the new LE drinks. The orange mango banana Vivanno is very tasty.
By the way, Vivannos are basically smoothies, but the conversation below may make you smile:
Me: “Does the new orange-mango-banana smoothie come in only the grande size”
Starbucks person: “It’s not a smoothie, it’s a Vivanno”
Me: “ok … but it’s made with banana, ice, juice and milk – so it’s generically a smoothie”
Starbucks person: “but it has a special blend of fiber and protein”
At that point, I just ordered it and did not try to argue. I get it – they have a script and Starbucks does not want to be associated with the unhealthy concoctions popularized by Smoothie King. Vivanno sounds happy and healthy in a way that other smoothies no longer do. It’s hot, and the idea of a no-added-sugar fruity refreshing drink sounded really good. Especially when Starbucks seemed to have heard my plea to have a smoothie with real fruit and no added sugar syrups or strawberries floating in sugar or other such stuff.

Ultimately, the Vivanno name push reminds me of the Frappucinos about 12 years ago. If you ordered a coffee shake, the Starbucks person would remind you it was a Frappucino. And clearly Starbucks wins — 12 years later Frappucinos are part of the urban and suburban vocabulary.

Note: I wrote this post over a year before I switched to a gluten-free near-vegan and no-refined sugar diet, so have no idea if the Vivanno is gluten-free or allergy-friendly.   

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1 H. July 22, 2008 at 10:55 am

LOL, I’m laughing so hard right now at your exchange with the Starbucks guy. 😀 Now I want to try one of those smoothies…er, Vivannos.


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