{Today’s Lunchbox} Light!

by Valerie on February 9, 2011 · 0 comments

Cinnamony Apple Pancake for a Tuesday lunchbox

The light this morning was finally no longer that dark winter light that has been draining all the lunchboxes of color.  Today’s light was lovely, as were lunch and two snacks:

  • Two Cran-berry smoothies
  • A generous slice of Ricki’s Giant, Baked, Upside-down Apple Pancake (similar recipe to this)
  • To go with the apple pancake, a side of coconut cream, based on Sarena’s coconut cream recipe, which I discovered through Heather
  • Magical kale chips, same as yesterday’s. Do check out Gena’s recipe.

As I wrote here, I am testing recipes for Ricki’s new book Top of the Morning: Breakfasts without Sugar, Gluten, Eggs or Dairy.  The Cran-berry smoothie is so good that I keep making it.  Today I made a double batch, enough for a mid morning and mid afternoon snack.  The apple pancake low-glycemic and combined with the coconut cream, made a great lunch component even though it is not technically a lunch dish.  And be sure to check out Ricki’s blog where she has a much nicer picture of said pancake.  Mine was a little mangled in the container, but tasty nevertheless.  All in all a tasty lunchbox.  And the light this morning was just lovely.


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