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by Valerie on March 25, 2011 · 9 comments

Happy Friday!

First, thank you for the great comments to my guest post yesterday over at the Gluten-Free Homemaker.  Today I am discussing more tips in the second part of my post, so please stop by the Gluten-Free Homemaker

If you are visiting from GFH, thank you for stopping by and welcome!   Tuesdays and Fridays are a little different here at Today’s Lunchbox.  Usually I have a guest post or a weekend or travel lunchbox on those days, while Monday, Wednesday, Thursday are almost always my basic workday lunches.  Today, I thought I would answer a few questions:

What is the brand of your lunchbox and where can I purchase one?  Laptop Lunchbox.  Isn’t it great? They sent me one to try out for the blog, but after trying it, I would buy it myself, regardless of whether it was gifted to me.  You can purchase directly on the Laptop Lunchbox site or at these retailers.  I do not use my laptop lunchbox every day.  Here are some other containers I like to use.
laptop lunch 4 001

What is exactly is Herbamare anyways? Herbamare is a mixture of organic ground vegetables and sea salt.  I like it as an alternative to salt – it has a more complex flavor than salt, and I find it goes well with nutritional yeast. Herbamare is slightly higher in sodium than sea salt, but I find I use less when I use Herbamare.  

When you are at work, do you store your lunchboxes in a fridge? I could, but I keep most of my lunchboxes at room temperature, mainly because I happen to like eating my lunches at room temperature.  I only rarely use the microwave to reheat my lunches either.   I do keep my smoothies in the fridge at work though I usually drink those within a couple of hours of getting to the office. 

Do you only blog about lunchboxes?
Not at all.  I like to blog about a variety of topics, including mindful living, yoga, clothes, makeup, skincare – but the truth is, if I am busy, I tend to just blog my lunchboxes because I make those no matter what.
And that, friends, are today’s questions.  Have a great day!
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