{Today’s Lunchbox} Brown-Bag Challenge, Day 12

by Valerie on September 24, 2011 · 0 comments

Brown Bag Challenge

This month I am participating in the Brown-Bag Challenge where the Food Network’s Healthy Eats blog is teaming up with fellow food bloggers to host a month-long initiative to eat consciously and save money by packing a lunch each weekday instead of eating out. You can join here and share what you’re eating on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #brownbag.

It is Saturday morning, and after an insane week (return from travel, late nights at work) I am finally finishing several blog posts.

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So let us rewind to Monday, when lunch looked quite similar to what meals looked like this past long weekend of travel, namely a variation on the following theme: hummus I made and packed to bring with us, crackers from the crate of food, hummus and greens I bought while travelling, and a few chocolatey treats (Hail Merry chocolate macaroons and Nutsonline White Chocolate Chip Almonds, Cashews and Cacao Nibs).  We were on the go a lot the days we were away, so I packed a new lunchbox from my stash each day we were out and about.

The night of our return, I was craving sandwiches (mainly after watching my husband and others eat lots of pizza and Wegman’s subs all weekend), so in preparation for those, I roasted some tofu with miso atop and bought brown rice tortillas. We also went to the grocery store on the drive back to Washington, DC, which meant we had produce for the start of the week.

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