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by Valerie on May 24, 2007 · 0 comments

Greetings — I am working on a bronzer post, but in the meantime, wanted to share the article below. It is, from all places, the Wall Street Journal. Enjoy!


A Cosmetics Exec Gets Bronzed


Wall Street Journal, April 5, 2007; Page D8

In her 30 years in the beauty business, Laura Mercier, creator of the cosmetics company that bears her name, has worked with stars such as Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker on getting just the right color tone for their skin. When it comes to using bronzers, a skin-darkening powder or gel that is increasingly popular among women seeking a tanned look without actual sun exposure, Ms. Mercier says the biggest mistake women make is to choose a color that’s too orange, red or shimmery.

When testing colors on her skin, she always steps outside to see how the shades look in daylight. “Often, with bronzers that are too orangey, you don’t really notice it in the store because of all the artificial lights,” says Ms. Mercier, whose line of makeup, skincare and bath and body products is sold in 628 stores in 25 countries. If she wants just a touch of color, she opts for a tinted moisturizer, which she applies all over the face for just a hint of a tan. Or, she dabs a sheer gel bronzer — which offers a similarly light browning effect — all over her face.

To get a natural look, Ms. Mercier sometimes combines all three — starting with a light layer of tinted moisturizer. Then, she rubs a dime-sized dollop of bronzing gel into her cheeks and finishes by taking a very large brush and applying a very light dusting of bronzing powder on her face and neck so her face doesn’t look unnaturally darker than the rest of her body. She sometimes applies the bronzing powder after she’s dressed to go out so she can touch up parts of her skin such as her neckline to make the color look natural and well-blended.

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