Happy Memorial Day and Palette News

by Valerie on May 29, 2007 · 0 comments

Greetings — hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. I arrived in Washington on Friday to find my Wylde Ivy package waiting for me, and my Flour City Bakery order arrived Saturday, so I had a lovely weekend checking out my new soaps and other bath and body goodies. I am realizing that I am just not as into makeup lately as I have been in the past, so not that many new purchases to report on and rave about.

That said, the new Bobbi Sun Kissed Face Palette is my big makeup purchase of May, and you must check it out – regardless of your coloring. This is the Beach palette from two years ago but BETTER — instead of hav
ing just Bone and Vanilla, this has Bone and Espresso, two beautiful lip colors AND the amazing Bahama Brown Blush. I cannot rave enough about this blush. It’s this beautiful plummy yet warm blush — much more realistic than some of the more orangey bronzed blushes and powders out there. The only real downside to the palette is the inclusion of Bone which can look ashy on darker complexions. Otherwise, the colors are really versatile for all complexions. I am excited to see the new Bobbi beach-themed cream shadows to see how they would work with this palette.

Also, there is a new Nars Palette, the Artist’s Palette, out at Sephora. It seems to be a Sephora exclusive, which means it will sell out fast. I have not seen it in person yet, but it looks to be a variation on the Barney’s exclusive palette from a few years ago — very neutral but not beige. This might be the first Nars palette to not include a blush, but you do get two shades of their Multiples — one is their super popular highlighter Copacabana, and the other, Cannes, is a beautiful rosey neutral cream blush. Like the Barney’s palette, there is Ondine, which is a great taupe-y mauve, two neutrals, and a night color (in this case Night Clubbing). Two of the lipsticks are identical to the Barney’s palette as well (Dolce Vita and Gypsy).

Why am I telling you all these comparisons to the Barney’s palette? Because the Barney’s palette is a cult favorite (it is impossible to find today and I have seen it for up to $150 on ebay) and this new palette is a great updated version of the Barney’s palette AND it’s LE at Sephora.

Bottom line: if you are looking for an all purpose palette for a muted but not beige daytime look, check it out.

I am yawning and tired … hope these palette recommendations are useful. Off to get my beauty sleep!

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