Honey Bee Good IS Good, a.k.a. Honey: Part 2

by Valerie on May 31, 2007 · 0 comments

As you know, my current scent obsession for sleep/night is honey. I find it incredibly relaxing and comforting. One of the soaps that kicked off this obsession was Wylde Ivy’s Sweet Oat soap, which is a very fresh and light honey and milk scent. I was about to run out of my Sweet Oat samples, so went ahead and took advantage of WI’s 20% off sale a couple of weeks ago. I had been hankering to try WI’s Honey Bee Good soap for a long time too – check out the picture! Isn’t it pretty?

My four soaps arrived in under a week from ordering. Everything was perfectly packaged and arrived in great condition. WI included as extras a soap sample in White Cashmere and a lotion sample in Fairy Wings. I have tried both scents (from samples in swaps) and neither work for me. For your reference, White Cashmere is a vanilla floral musk and Fairy Wings is a fruity scent which is nice, but the drydown was a disaster on me. Anyways, so I put the samples away to pass on.

Then I tore into the soaps. Honey Bee Good is even prettier in person. And it smells to die for. Here is the description from the site: “Toasted oats, soaked with warm milk, and drizzled with fresh honey creates a soothing and wholesome fragrance.” It is stronger and more milky than the scent of Sweet Oat, and not as fresh. If you want a light honey scent, Sweet Oat is a better choice. But I am currently in a strong honey phase, so Honey Bee Good is PERFECT for me.

There was only one problem: sniffing the soap made me crave an edp in that scent. Despite my bath and body addiction I have been good about not over-ordering and piggy back ordering (my name for the phenomenon where you place an order for more stuff just as you are opening an order), but I totally caved there and then. Two more Honey Bee Good soaps are on their way to me, along with two ½ oz edps (WI calls them spritzers when they are single note scents and not too complex, but they are just as strong as a regular edp). Fortunately (for me), WI’s scrubs and lotion have parabens in them, so it was easy to withstand the temptation to order a Honey Bee Good scrub and lotion as well.

I had never ordered a full size Sweet Oat soap before (just used many samples). Like WI’s other classic soaps, it came packaged in a cute little muslin bag. I love those bags because you can easily peel off the label and reuse for another soap (good for the growing soap addict I am becoming!). Like I said above, this is a lighter scent than Honey Bee Good.

Then I opened the dud of my order – the Carrot and Honey Spa Soap. WI’s spa soaps are their skincare soaps, but I was planning to use the Carrot and Honey Spa Soap as an all-over body soap. No. it smells terrible. I rarely give a bad review, because I do believe every scent and every product works for someone, but I truly cannot imagine anyone liking this soap. It has wheat germ oil in it, and I have yet to be able to like wheat germ, so maybe that’s why? Fortunately, I swap products on makeupalley.com, so someone rescued this poor soap from the unloving home it has arrived in. The soap will be on its way to its new owner this weekend, and in return I am getting WI Rhassoul Mud Soap, which I will review soon.

The last soap in my order was Chamomille Oatmeal soap. I ordered this more for the high shea butter content and the fact it has oatmeal. Lately I have been liking scrubby soaps, so I decided to try this one. It smells nice and clean, but not too clean.

Despite the Carrot dud, this was a good order. WI always has great CS, very professional packaging and some lovely scents (did I mention Honey Bee Good?). This is a good place to try if you like light scents, especially florals and fruit/floral blends. Even scents I don’t like are not particularly heavy to my nose.

Now starting the all natural beauty portion of this post: WI Soaps are all natural, cold-process, and sulfate-free, but the shampoo bars do not appear to be all natural. As I mentioned above, the lotion and scrub have parabens, but the spray oils do not if you are looking for a moisturizing product to layer with your soap and edp.

P.S.: (more) Pretty Soaps. DistilledRose, an etsy seller, had a special a couple of Saturdays ago: 3 soaps for $7.50, and shipping was $4. (Note, etsy usually has Saturday night specials every week). Even with shipping that is cheap for soaps. I ordered two Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soaps and one Cocoa Butter soap. According to the description, DistilledRose soaps are cold process and paraben-free. These soaps are definitely a little more “rustic” than WI’s or FCB’s – the Oatmeal, Milk and Honey is a light scent, but a little more earthy than WI’s Sweet Oat, and has a nice scrubbiness. It is very moisturizing as well. Shipping was very fast. I ordered on a Saturday night and had my package by the following Thursday.

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