A Skindecent Bath to Cleanse Your Soul

by Valerie on June 10, 2007 · 1 comment

I really hope Skindecent’s and Cleanse Your Soul’s owners are not annoyed by the terrible pun in the title, LOL.

So Friday night I was very much in need of bath relaxation — it had been a very long work week topped off with a NYC to DC train ride. By 10.30 pm I was sore and tired — so I poured an entire 8oz bag of Skindecent’s Bath Truffles into a tub of steaming water. Well actually, I first put three in the tub, which is my usual amount, but then poured in the whole bag as I decided I wanted a more fragrant bath — my bath truffles were Brown Sugar – scented. Skindecent’s Brown Sugar is a very true to its name and very comforting. I highly recommend all of Skindecent’s bath treats. Skindecent was the first indie etailer I ever ordered from, and I have always kept going back since my first order in early 2005. Skindecent has very high quality products — and many of her products are completely paraben free. I think by now they all are, but I have to email Marliss (Skindecent’s owner) to double check.

While in the bath, I also scrubbed with Cleanse Your Soul’s Behemoth Scrub in Vanilla Marshmallow Cream. The Behemoth is one of the most amazing deals I have found out there in etailer-land — 16 oz (yes, a pound) of heavy-duty scrubbyness for $10.50 when full price. Cleanse Your Soul’s owner, Judy, puts different products on sale every month, and the Behemoth was on sale at least 3 different months in 2006, and at least once already this year — always for somewhere around $8! It’s a brown sugar scrub with some white sugar, on the dry end, but still very moisturizing from the grapeseed and sweet almond oils in it. Ideal for those of you out there who want a basic simple scrub — no stirring, no pools of oil, no foaming. And, just to let you know, no parabens. A great deal, and you can pick from an array of scents!

I also used DistilledRose’s Cocoa Butter soap — really creamy and not scented at all. Excellent product if you are just getting into cold proces soaps but don’t want anything too heavily scented.

Overall — it was a wonderful bath. I was definitely moisturized from all those lovely products on their own, but did end up using Burt’s Bees Honey and Shea butter – this is really the perfect summer body butter in that it is dense (perfect for a butter addict like me) but also light enough since it has aloe in it.

So if you have had a stressful week (or day, or month), indulge in bath with some yummy products. It really does make a difference, I promise.

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1 Karen June 12, 2007 at 4:45 pm

Lipglossina – you’ve been tagged! Check my blog for details =)


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