Wait, errr, there is mud in my soap!

by Valerie on June 13, 2007 · 0 comments

So this past weekend I tried out rhassoul clay/mud soap from Wylde Ivy. Rhassoul clay seems to be one of the “in” ingredients at spas these days – in New York, every spa seems to have a mud facial all of a sudden, except it’s always a Rhassoul facial. Clay and mud are beauty ingredients as old as time, know for their purifying and exfoliating capabilities.

This past weekend was a particularly humid in Washington; really the kind of weekend where you really wonder why people live on what used to be a swamp — not to mention do business, run government and … ok, I am digressing. By Sunday morning, the idea of a purifying clay soap sounded pretty nice

Wylde Ivy Rhassoul Glow Spa Soap is part of the WI spa line, this soap has an herbal lavender rose scent which is, in fact, very spa like. I found it gritty it provided more in-depth exfoliation. And the scent, while pleasing, became a strong herbal scent during the shower. This is definitely more of a once in a while treatment soap for me, especially since I only like lavender in very limited quantities.

If you are expecting a full mud mask experience, this soap is not the place to look, though. That said, if you do face and/or body masks, I bet this soaps would be a great way to pre-cleanse your skin before applying a treatment. I did not try either on my face, but according to WI, this soap is suitable for facial use.

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