"Preparing Your Skin for Winter" Week-Long Series Starting Tomorrow

by Valerie on September 24, 2007 · 0 comments

Greetings everyone — I am officially back online, and not traveling to Washington until Friday, which means that I may actually have time to post every day. That’s my goal at least. The city has definitely been cooling down fast. My husband, who lives in Washington, commented this weekend how it’s fall in Brooklyn, but summer in DC. My skin has been feeling the change into fall. In fact, when I told one of my friends I was thinking of doing a series on “Preparing Your Skin for Winter,” she said that it was highly necessary and great timing.

To give you a preview, I am going to focus a multi-pronged approach. First, how to avoid drying out your skin more than it already is; second, exfoliation and third, several methods of deep moisturizing. Looking at the list of products I will cover, they are all paraben-free and sulfate-free as well, so in line with the green beauty theme of the blog. Plus many of them are from small indie companies!

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