Preparing Your Skin for Winter: Emollients and Creams

by Valerie on October 1, 2007 · 0 comments

Earlier this week, I extolled the benefits of my favorite body butters, but if you don’t like really heavy moisturizers, there are a few indie etailer products I recommend for deep moisture without the heavy feeling of a butter.

First, though, a note on why I am not recommending any lotions. In my opinion, in cold winter weather, lotions (which usually are mainly composed of water) are just not heavy enough to do the job, even if you are only mildly dry. Furthermore, because of their water content, lotions tend to have more preservatives.

Therefore, rather than lotion, I would recommend a body cream with some shea butter, such as Skindecent’s Whipped Moisture Cream, which is lovely, light and airy, but definitely moisturizing. Another winner is Coconut Hut’s Shea Cream. It’s like a thicker lotion, but sinks in quickly without making you feel greasy. Both of these creams are fairly light, but have some shea butter.

If you are looking for a thicker body cream but not quite a butter in terms of heaviness, you MUST check out Cleanse Your Soul’s Emollient. This is a product with almost cult following among people who like indie etailers. It’s moisturizing but not greasy like a body butter.

Another great Cleanse Your Soul product is the Body Cream, which, along with the emollient, I prefer to the other creams CYS offers. I particularly like the Body Cream in Marshmallow Cream blends (like Lemon Marshmallow Cream or Vanilla Marshmallow Cream). They are wonderfully sweet and comforting in winter.

Which brings me to another point about my own winter survival strategies; bakery scents always appeal to me as they are warm and comforting. Some of my favorites are Coconut Hut’s Lemon Fluff Dessert Bars and most of her vanilla scents. Cleanse Your Soul’s and Skindecent’s Vanilla Bean Noel are both spectacular and wonderfully warm for winter. That said, if you can’t stand the idea of smelling sweet and bakery-like, all these indie etailers have lots of scent options.

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