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by Valerie on November 11, 2007 · 0 comments

As I mentioned in my first Savannah post, Paula Deen’s Lady and Sons actually lived up to the hype. On the’ advice of Karley (of Chic and Green Beauty Blog – she lived in Savannah a few years ago) we went there for Sunday brunch so that we could try a bit of everything. There is an inane, but necessary, stand-in-line process to get a reservation. We got to Lady and Sons at 9.20am and to the head of the line at 10am to get an 11am reservation, so it was not so bad. Plus the extra hour meant I could have a Starbucks chai AND check out Margoth, Pleasantries of Savannah, which is across the street from Lady and Sons.

Margoth seems to specialize in floral fragrance blends in addition to single note floral and fruit scents. They are even more focused on Savannah and florals than Scented by Nature and have three main lines: the Savannah Collection (which includes ten scents, with such names as Savannah Evening, Savannah Diamonds etc), Essence of Savannah (Numbers 1 to 20) for women, and Essence of Savannah (Numbers 1 to 10) for men. So that’s 40 scents dedicated to Savannah, which I find awe-inspiring in and of itself. If you like floral blends you will be in heaven. Sadly I was just sneezy from all the florals and after some time sniffing, it was time to cross the street to Lady and Sons.

After brunch (which was good but very rich), I very badly needed to walk a lot, so we walked down Broughton in search of Tiger Lily, a beauty store Karley had mentioned to me. Sadly Tiger Lily is gone, replaced by a kitchenwares store, but along our walk we stumbled on Nourish which sells cold process soaps, candles and other bath and body products. Nourish is very new and a lovely little store.

Of course I had to sniff every cold process soap in the store. I got a Vanilla Coffee one for my friend Amy, and my husband got me a couple of travel candles for stocking stuffers. The Nourish body products looked scrummy but, sadly, all but the soaps contained LiquiPar (which is a paraben-based preservative).

There were scads more stores in Savannah, but Scented by Nature, Margoth and Nourish seemed to be the main beauty related ones. I was thrilled to find indie beauty retail stores – usually indie products means buying online and not being able to test the scents before hand. 

Note: I wrote this post well before I switched to a gluten-free near-vegan diet, so have no idea if the restaurant mentioned in this post has gluten-free and allergy-friendly options. 

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