An Open Letter to Juice Beauty

by Valerie on November 28, 2007 · 0 comments

Dear Juice Beauty,

I love your products. Your Green Apple Nutrient Eye Cream is absolute Holy Grail material for me. I like your concept, your ingredients and your responsible citizenship. My latest discovery in your line, the Green Apple Spf 15 moisturizer, is a great product. In fact, six months ago I said it could even become HG material. At the time I thought the pump dispenser was not great.

I revise my opinion – unfortunately, the packaging for the Green Apple Spf 15 moisturizer just sucks. Notwithstanding the fact that the cap started shredding and losing bits of plastic almost from day 1 (which for $38 is just not acceptable), the fact that the moisturizer comes in a pump bottle that does not allow you to access the product is just ridiculous.

By my measurements, the bottle for the moisturizer is about 2 inches tall. One would imagine that the tube that reaches from the pump dispenser would be at least an inch.

Instead it is a mere quarter of an inch long. At first I just thought my bottle was defective. Having now checked the testers at no less than EIGHT Sephoras, I have discovered it is not me, it’s the bottle design. And it sucks, because once you use about 10% of the product, the pump won’t dispense any more product.

Call me shallow, but such a design flaw just killed it for me. Even though this moisturizer is HG material, the time and effort it takes to get the product out the bottle is just not worth it, especially when I got some on my suit pants one morning.

When I saw 100% Pure now has an SPF15 moisturizer, it was easy to stray. The Juice Beauty cream has been relegated to neck cream so that I can use it up. I am not rebuying it until the design to the bottle is improved.

Sorry Juice Beauty, but you need to change before I can take you back (and unlike in relationships with humans, there is hope for change).


City Girl

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