Feeling better and an awesome new discovery

by Valerie on January 20, 2008 · 0 comments

Hi peeps — I am slowly but surely recovering — this flu/cold/sinus infection situation has definitely been up and down for weeks. The enormous dose of Cipro the doctor put me on definitely helped. I am hoping to catch up more on posts, but January might be a slower month.

That said, take yourself to Sephora (or if you are in New York to your nearest Carol’s Daughter boutique) and try out their Jamaican Punch, Groove and Ecstacy blends. I have discovered two things recently about Carol’s Daughter — one is that her products are so natural that you really ought to use the moisturizers in about 6 months and that actually affects the quality of the scent. I have a friend whose jar of Ecstasy souffle just did not smell great to me — well turns out it’s over a year old. I sniffed a brand new jar at the Carol’s Daughter boutique the other day and O-M-G — it smells just lovely. Very fruity. I think come summer I may buy it to layer with my Coconut Hut Blushing Pink Soda Punch edp. Groove and Jamaican Punch also smell lovely. I need to test more of these products.

The second thing I discovered is that the Carol’s Daughter stores have many more scents that are not in the Sephora offerings. I knew Sephora did not offer Carol’s Daughter skincare (which I am also planning to try soon) but did not realize they have other scents, like Sandalwood and Vanilla or Green Tea. Something tells me I am going back to the Brooklyn store soon!!!

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