Super Bowl Musings

by Valerie on February 4, 2008 · 0 comments

Err, not really — my husband is screaming at the TV right now and I am completely entertained by his commentary (and the occasional peek at the commercials).

I will muse about the Crabtree and Evelyn Naturals line instead. As I mentioned here, this is a paraben-free line Crabtree and Evelyn started in the last couple of years, but has been steadily adding products to more recently.

I loved loved loved the body lotions in the line, and I don’t usually find body lotions moisturizing enough. Hardly surprising, especially in this cold weather, that the warm, sugary, milk scent of the Milk, Soy & Sugar Body Lotion caught my fancy the most. That said, I do think the Pineapple and Ginger Body Lotion will be lovely in summer to layer with pineapple perfumes like Coconut Hut’s Pineapple Slices (TDF straight pineapple scent) or Bathed and Infused’s Plantations (a very sugary pineapple scent, but not syrupy) scent. I have both scents in an edp and a moisturizer, which makes them both strong pineapples, but I think either edp layered with the C&E lotion would be lighter and probably more work-friendly. As for the Edamame, Rice & Bamboo lotion, I did not find it so much an herbal scent as a fresh scent. While these are all lotions, I found them more like light weight body creams, which I like. Lotions that have any watery feeling to them just don’t feel moisturizing enough for me.

The In-Shower Moisturizer and Shower Mousse both intrigued me a lot. I tested both at the very handy sink that C&E had in the store — very moisturizing and non-drying as far as I could tell. The In-Shower Moisturizer is basically a thick body cream you apply in the shower, then rinse off. I have used similar products in the past and tend to apply them before I apply conditioner. I have not loved them before, but the C&E version has definite promise. The Shower Mousse is lovely — one of the downsides of using natural soaps and shower washes is that they don’t foam much, but this is very foamy and rich.

The butters are lovely in texture — I tested the Ilipe Butter, Lemongrass and Sugar Body Butter — but not a great value considering all-natural etailer body butters.

The only real dud in the C&E Naturals Collections were the mists — I tried several, including the Black Tea, Vetiver & Sugarcane Mist, and none of them appealed to me. They were just kind of sticky and turned on me. It does not help I am more of an edp than a body mist gal either, mainly because I find body mists either weak in scent, sticky, or oily – or some combination of all three — but putting that aside, I did not find the scents in this line to smell very true to their names (unlike the other products).

That said — this is definitely an all-natural line worth checking out, particularly if you are not interested in shopping from etailers.

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