Green Tea and Honey Everywhere

by Valerie on March 5, 2008 · 0 comments

On Saturday I wandered into Bath and Body Works, and immediately spied a new True Blue Spa line based on the properties of green tea, rice and sake. True Blue Spa is the BBW Bliss-like knock-off. The natural ingredients in them are all very good, but always hang out in a base with chemicals such that I can’t let myself buy them. The Rice to the Rescue Rice Pudding Body Polish almost made me give up that rule — despite the fact it has sulfates and other ingredients I can’t pronounce or recognize. That scrub smells so yummy and milky — only reminding myself that I could probably get a good rice milky scent through an etailer allowed me to put it back down. The Self Meditating Body Butter with Rice Bran Oil and Green Tea smelled lovely and milky as well, but the skin loving ingredients were in too small quantities for my liking. By the way, both products were paraben free.

So why I am discussing the products if I don’t find them natural enough to buy? Because I find it fascinating how trends started in the natural beauty space are trickling fast into a mass retailer like BBW. The paraben-free trend is also heartening, even though the other products in the line still had parabens.

As for the honey, I saw signs for a Honey Latte at Starbucks everywhere on Saturday. My husband pointed out it would taste terrible, but I tried it anyways — sadly he was right. Fortunately Starbucks iced green tea is yummy.

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