Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Part 1: Tinted Moisturizer

by Valerie on April 16, 2008 · 0 comments

I decided to do my four-part series on Physician’s Formula Organic Wear by starting with the tinted moisturizer and following the order of putting products on.

I should also mention that my TMs of choice are Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier. They are both fairly fool-proof and, as long as you don’t have major imperfections you want to camouflage, give good coverage. And believe me, there are days (especially weekends) where I just kind of slap my Bobbi Brown on without really looking, and it invariably looks good.

The Organic Wear moisturizer is not that, ahem, easy, but with a little patience it does give a very good finally effect. It feels refreshing (likely from the essential oils it contains) and surprisingly high-end when you first apply it. For good coverage you do have to add a bit more, but it’s very buildable. I tried it with both the matching powder and also several of my own powders — it seems like any powder works with it.

So overall, I liked it. And it’s paraben-free, which is huge for a TM. Except for mineral wear powders and powder foundations, most TMs and foundations have parabens in them.

Compared to drugstore TMs, the Physician’s Formula is far better, but compared to the Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier ones, this is more work application-wise. The price point is worth it though — it retails in the $10-$11 range for 1.5 fl. oz. compared to 1.5fl.oz. to 1.7 fl. oz. for high end TMs retailing in the neighborhood of $40.

My biggest issue with it is the range of colors, or current lack there-of. I hope that Physician’s Formula adds more colors. My second issue with it is that it requires work to look very good, which means I will probably save it for weekends when I have time to work on building the coverage (or alternately don’t build it because it’s the weekend!).

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