Kiehls Flagship Store

by Valerie on May 5, 2008 · 0 comments

I was in the East Village recently, and it reminded me I had to post about Kiehls at some point, even though I can’t give you all any product recommendations. It’s more of a funny beauty obsession story.

Five years ago I lived in the East Village, and the Kiehls Flagship Store was ON MY WAY HOME from the subway. At that time I had a ridiculously long walk to the subway (like a 5 avenue walk) so having a little Kiehls stop was lovely – especially since it had a café, and was very near one of my other favorite Village haunts for a snack or beverage, namely Liquiteria. The Kiehls stop soon graduated to a thrice weekly thing, especially because my gym was not far from the store either. It took me a YEAR to finish the products I stockpiled those few months.

Kiehls totally has the aesthetic I love about skincare – lots of natural ingredients, nice spare recyclable packaging and effective ingredients. And this was before I became more careful about parabens so I could shop to my heart’s content. Unfortunately, many Kiehls products have parabens in them – I am hoping that, like many cosmetics companies, they begin using other preservatives. Maybe one day that I can return to shopping there. In the meantime, enjoy this review from Beautiful Makeup Search.

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