Bobbi Brown Customizable Palettes

by Valerie on May 9, 2008 · 0 comments

I have been remiss in not mentioning that Bobbi has redone the all her blush and shadow singles packaging so that they could pop in and out of a light palette framework. I have played with them a bit at Bloomingdales, but have not had time for a proper makeover yet. Fortunately I am having one on Saturday so I can rave more about them.

That’s because the concept, while long in coming at Bobbi, makes for better customizable palettes than the other ones. First, they are much lighter than the original Bobbi palette, and definitely put her in direct competition with the Stila and Shu concept of eyeshadow and blush singles that can pop in and out of palettes. Second, unlike Stila and Shu, the palettes are designed so that you can see the name of the color on the underside. A big plus in my opinion.

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