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by Valerie on July 29, 2008 · 0 comments

I finally checked out the new Bobbi collection in Mauve – a palette, some lip colors, and a liner. The palette’s standout is the Mauve blush, which is absolutely beautiful – it’s a beigey mauve, not too warm, definitely neutral, and incredibly wearable. The shadows are matte, and are Navajo (a cross between Bone and Vanilla), Vintage (a light taupe mauve) and Chocolate Mauve (think the classic Bobbi chocolate shadow but with a mauve cast). The lip colors are fairly basic but very pretty matte mauve shades, ranging from a strong rosy mauve (Mauve), a lighter rosy mauve (Vintage), and a beigey mauve (Dusty Mauve).

The rest of the collection includes two lip glosses and two lipsticks in shades of beige mauviness, and a shimmer liner called Black Mauve, which is a really nice dark taupe. The shimmer in it is not over the top at all, and very work appropriate when you draw a thin line at the base of your upper lashes.

Ultimately I only got the shimmer liner. The standalone lip colors are not great for my lip color (I already have some beige mauve in my lips), and I am still debating the palette. Here’s the thing: I own many colors that are similar to the ones in the palette. The Mauve blush is really a less shimmery version of Nars Oasis and Madly (kind of a cross between the two), the eye colors are not that different from the Stonewashed Nudes palette or several of my Laura Mercier eyeshadows like Topaz, Margot, Paris by Night and (don’t laugh) Mauve.

In my post on this collection a few weeks ago, I expressed concern that the Mauve collection may be too gray. I still think it’s worth being aware of whether it brings out dark shadows when you test it, but the colors are a good balance or gray mauve with some warmer beige, making them more wearable.

One last thing — several makeup artists mentioned this is the last palette Bobbi will come out with — the focus is now on the customizable palettes.

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