Indie Spotlight on FEED Whole Grain Granola

by Valerie on August 28, 2008 · 0 comments

Update June 2010: in June 2009 I switched to eating gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free and nearly vegan, so this review predates my dietary changes.  To my knowledge, FEED does not have gluten-free vegan granola.


I was thrilled to discover FEED Whole Grain Granola about a year ago – I had finally found healthy granola that tasted like food. I know this seems like a small thing, but by the time I tried FEED Blueberry Almond granola, I had pretty much given up finding really yummy yet healthy granola.
The beauty of FEED Whole Grain Granola is that it’s so yummy you can forget it’s virtuous, that it’s packed with fiber, multigrains and whole flax seeds, and that it’s low in sugar and fat. It’s crispy and delicious.
It really is that good. And now it’s sold at Whole Foods nation-wide. How cool is that!
Now I realize you are probably wondering why I am doing an Indie Spotlight on FEED. It’s true that at 4 employees and with its products selling at Whole Foods, FEED is a little bigger than most indie companies I rave about.
But what I love about the company is that it has kept an inherently personal philosophy.
And that’s not just because FEED was born in a tiny apartment kitchen in Manhattan’s West Village. Take a look at the website. Under the people category, there are categories for families and friends of FEED. And the marketing is still on a very personal level. For example, I met Jason Wright, one of the founders, at the new Whole Foods in Tribeca, and he told me the story behind the product, how it was focused on giving solid nutrition that tasted good.
And really, it does taste that good. I tried the Bittersweet granola a couple of weeks ago, and it’s actually beating out the Blueberry Almond as my favorite.

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