A Day Off and Indie Spotlight on Subtle Tea

by Valerie on September 3, 2008 · 0 comments

Update June 2010:  in June 2009 I switched to eating gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free refined-sugar-free and nearly vegan, so this review predates the switch (by almost a year).  As I recall, however, Subtle Tea had some allergy-friendly treats.    

I was not ready to say goodbye to summer, so I was very glad that a few weeks ago I had scheduled to take today off from work for a couple of medical appointments. Even if my day started off at the dentist’s, I still got to do one of the things I love best — walk around for a long time in New York City.

I spent a couple of hours reading and writing lists and ideas and journaling at Subtle Tea — and I am so glad I did! I have stopped by this lovely tea house before — it’s a true oasis in the middle of bustling Midtown, with very scrummy teas, which I usually get to-go. They also have the typical tea-house fare, namely scones, cookies and sandwiches. Many of the sweets have tea as part of their ingredients.

Today I was able to browse and sit and enjoy the calm for quite a while. And because I was not rushed, I realized this place sells bath and body products containing tea, including one of my very favorite brands, 100% Pure. 100% Pure has wonderful paraben-free products, many of them tea-based as well. Most of their body washes and some of their facial care are made with white or green tea as the liquid.

Note that this is the only location of Subtle Tea. The owners are often working here and the vibe is very relaxed but there’s also Wi-Fi.

This place is definitely worth a visit next time you are in New York. And in the meantime, you can experience some of their wonderful tea blends at home whereever you are since Subtle Tea has an online store!

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