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by Valerie on September 6, 2008 · 1 comment

Today is the beginning of Fashion Week here in New York. I will be honest — as much as I like reading fashion magazines, I am not gaga over Fashion Week as many are.

But, I do like how increasingly the coverage by bloggers is making it more accessible. That to me is interesting. For example, last Spring many beauty bloggers blogged live (or at least day-of) from shows. My understanding is that they will continue that this Fall as well. Here are two to start with: All About the Pretty and Scandalous Beauty. Total Beauty (a network of beauty information and blogs) should also have more links to coverage.

And I do like hearing about the trends from that perspective — it’s more accessible and fun that way. Also, MAC makeup artists are Twittering (aka micro-blogging) from Fashion week — check it out (the widget with all the twitters is on the right hand side of that blog).

And, this was an interesting article: Fashion’s 50 Most Powerful.

So there you go — a little taste of Fashion Week. And lest you think that it has taken over all of New York, it really has not once you are outside of Bryant Park — I was in Union Square tonight after work (which is all the way downtown), and things were the same busy-ness as usual in both places.

Graphic from Fashion Week website.

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1 Pink Heels September 7, 2008 at 9:20 pm

A friend of mine took a make-up application course (6 weeks) with MAC and LOVED IT. There is a lot that you never learn unless you spend time with an expert. It is complex and yet, exciting. The face is an amazing canvas. The work that she created was breathtaking.

Interestingly enough…although she always wanted to be a make-up artist, she went to law school instead! : ) This course allowed her pursue her passion as a hobby.


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