Indie Spotlight — Blue Marble Redux

by Valerie on October 1, 2008 · 0 comments

So after I tried the lovely original Blue Marble, I decided I *had* to hit the one that was closer (Blue Marble at 186 Underhill Avenue) to my apartment. I was also particularly curious how they share the space with NY City Explorers which is not food-related at all — it’s a childcare center.

As this article notes, there is a wall of separation between the front of the building, where the Blue Marble cafe is, and the back, where NY City Explorers operates a childcare center.

One very cool thing about this location of Blue Marble is that it is just a couple short blocks from the Brooklyn Museum. So, if you are from out of town, it’s not like you have to make a special trip for just ice cream (though that woudl be worth it). The Brooklyn Museum has some wonderful exhibits and is worth checking out. It’s a more intimate museum experience than, say, the Met or the National Gallery.

But back to Blue Marble — the ice cream at this location was just as delicious as at the original location. I got pistachio-almond again (the almond gives a nice added slight bitterness to counteract the sweetness) with their chocolate, which is a nice dark intense chocolate. If you want more intense chocolate, the mocha chip is actually more like a dark chocolate with strong coffee than a light coffee ice cream. That’s definitely a more intense flavor than the chocolate. See how yummy the ice cream looks:

Pictures by City Girl

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