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by Valerie on November 14, 2008 · 1 comment

My addiction to vanilla is well-documented on this blog. I know I mentioned Comptoir Sud Pacifique before but, with Christmas coming up, I wanted to highlight it again, as I think their products make lovely gifts. I can’t seem to turn around without seeing the gourmand fragrance trend (especially at Sephora), but I think that CSP’s gourmand scents are just a little more creative and complex, and definitely worth checking out.

Instead of Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum each perfume is an Eau de Voyage — which I think is a lovely play on both the packaging and the concept. Packaging-wise, the aluminium bottles are sturdy and leak-proof. The day I bought Vanille Extreme someone next to me at Sephora was looking at the scents and complained about the non-glass packaging (“it looks like Bath and Body Works”) but honestly that’s a good thing. It makes the bottles portable and lightweight.

Concept-wise, each bottle of CSP fragrance is indeed travel in a bottle. They have exotic vanillas, with either florals or some fruit notes. While Vanille Amande, Vanille Peche and Caramel Sunset were all cloying to me (and on me), I do recommend Vanille Abricot and Vanille Pineapple. And Vanille Coco and Coco Extreme both remind me of the beach with their coconut notes, but definitely sample them first as coconut scents can go musty easily. And of course there’s Vanille Extreme (a lovely basic vanilla) and Vanille Passion. I also like the smell of sugary milk of Matin Calin.

So whether you are traveling, staying home or looking for a gift to give, Comptoir Sud Pacifique is worth checking out. Some of their scents are available at Sephora and, but this Beautycafe link seems to give the most comprehensive list of CSP available in the U.S. Also check out CSP’s store locator.
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1 The Curator November 14, 2008 at 10:26 am

I must agree wholeheartedly with this post. I love CSP fragrances and you’re spot on about the packaging – I love that it’s lightweight enough for me to take with me to work during the day if I want to spritz some more on. As for scents, they’re all pretty nice, but my faves (i.e., the only ones that work on me) are Vanille Pineapple and Coco Extreme. Vanille Pineapple is on the sweet side but also has a great clean and fresh drydown. The Coco Extreme is amazing because it’s strong enough to wear in the winter – I get so happy knowing I can still have my coconut scent when it’s 30 degrees out!


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