Amping Up Hot Chocolate

by Valerie on November 19, 2008 · 1 comment

It’s freezing tonight and the perfect excuse for some good hot chocolate. I recently ordered from Whimsy and Spice and had decided to try their Cardamom Marshmallows. They work beautifully in hot chocolate, adding an extra fragrant dimension to the hot chocolate. Plus they melt very slowly.

I had never really liked marshmallows but decided to give them a second chance when I read Molly Wizenberg’s piece on marshmallows – appropriately titled Fluff Piece – in the July Bon Appetit. If you have not yet had the good luck of reading Molly, go check out her articles in Bon Appetit as well as her lovely blog, Orangette. She has a way of drawing you in with her writing. Plus she’s currently on a huge vegetable kick, so in case you are not getting enough veggies, she could well provide you with inspiration.

Anyways, after reading Molly’s ode to fresh marshmallows, I decided that next time I came across freshly made marshmallows, I would try some (mind you, I clearly am too lazy to actually make some, but there’s a recipe in the article if case you are so inclined).

And I am very glad I did – Whimsy and Spice’s marshmallows are wonderful. And the hot chocolate paired well with some biscotti. You can order directly from Whimsy and Spice, or via their etsy site. And if you are in Brooklyn, they are regulars at the Flea Market.

Picture from Whimsy and Spice website.

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1 The Curator November 21, 2008 at 12:05 pm

Thanks for the tip – those fresh marshmallows sound amazing. :) I LOVE hot chocolate this time of year, especially with lots of marshmallows!


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