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by Valerie on November 23, 2008 · 0 comments

I know this time of year is when people are often trying to find unique gift ideas. One fun place to check out is The Iron Fairies – imagine a cross between fantasy, folklore, a soap and candle store, and associated statues and other iron items. I stumbled on their New York store last summer and though it was a really great concept. The staff there was incredibly well-trained on the concept of the store. There are over 40 fairies, loosely based on Australian folklore, and each fairy has a scent that somewhat represents her – usually her personality, or something about her history. All the fairies have their own soap in their scent, and some have a candle. In addition, there are also statues of the fairies and some of their friends (including a very cute gekko), candle-holders and other items.

I bought an Amy candle, which is vanilla scented (I know — what a suprise!). All the candles are 100% soy wax and I was very happy with my candle. I passed on the soaps as they had many chemical ingredients – which was too bad, as they also had some fabulous natural additives like herbs and essential oils. It might be worth seeing if they have updated their ingredients recently.

What I really liked about the store was that it truly had something for everyone – you don’t have to like candles to like the Iron Fairies, because there is so much to discover about each fairy and the history behind the fairies. It’s like a 3D fairytale you can visit.

The Iron Fairies have two stores in the U.S. – one in New York and one in Las Vegas, but several stores in Australia, Japan and Europe. And you can shop online too!

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