Indie Spotlight on Sugar Smitten and the Amazing Devil’s Bons Bons

by Valerie on January 11, 2009 · 2 comments

I first stumbled on Sugar Smitten on Etsy sometime in October – and immediately thought her cake bites concept looked scrummy. But, I was in the process of moving and starting a new job, so I put off ordering any. When I was shopping for unique personalized gifts for my husband for Christmas, I remembered the cake bites – and by then I had also seen a glowing review about said cake bites at Karley’s Chic and Green Blog.

The cakes bites are called Devil’s Bon Bons – I decided to order a sampler pack of 6 to try out 6 different flavors, and then I would pick the ones my husband might really like, and order a pack of 12 with just those flavors. The six flavors in the sampler pack are:

-Chocolate Crunch: Chocolate Cake, Butter Toffee, and almonds wit fudge buttercream, dipped in milk chocolate.

-Orange Creamscicle: Orange Cream Cake with Vanilla Butter Cream, dipped in White Chocolate

-Devil’s Favorite: Devil’s Food Cake with Hot Fudge Butter Cream, dipped in Dark Chocolate.

-Coco-Naughty: Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Butter Cream mixed with Coconut and Rice Krispies, dipped in White Chocolate and rolled in Coconut.

-Grandma Evelyn: Chocolate Cake with Peanut-Butter Butter Cream, dipped in Milk Chocolate and topped with peanuts.

-Oregon Berry: Raspberry Strawberry Cake with boysenberry buttercream, dipped in milk and white chocolate.

Trying all six kinds was lots of fun – my husband loves the combination of chocolate and peanut butter so I figured the Grandma Evelyn ones would definitely be part of his gift. When I tried the one in the sampler I was blown away about how it was the perfect balance of peanut butter and chocolate — usually one or the other overwhelms, but not in these cake bites. The Oregon Berry was delicious and an unusual combination of flavors, and the Coco-naughty had a wonderful coconut flavor. I ended up deciding on those three as the flavors for the pack of 12 I ordered. The chocolate ones were very good, but I wanted the more unusual flavors like Oregon Berry and Coco-naughty as well as the peanut chocolate one.

What is also great about the bon bons is that you can get a customized set where you can make up your own flavors by choosing a cake (vanilla, chocolate, carrot or orange cream), pick a yummy buttercream (vanilla or chocolate but also berry or peanut or cream cheese) and mix-ins like nuts. So when I ordered the 12 pack I also got myself a 6 pack with the Orange Creamsicle cakes bites (which I wanted to try again) and customized carrot cake and cream cheese buttercream cake bites.

And, again, they were amazing. Somehow the cake stays very moist. And I love how they are a more unusual gift – because they look like truffles, but then you realize they have cake inside.

I asked Heather Cheney, the owner and creator of Sugar Smitten Sweets, what inspired this creation and her selling on etsy as opposed to selling locally. Heather already owns a cake decorating business in Oregon, and she said she decided to sell on etsy because it allowed her to go beyond the world of cakes and explore other treats like chocolates and candy and fudge. As for the cake bites, she was inspired by seeing Bakerella on Martha Stewart combining cake crumbs and buttercream into cupcake pots. About that time, Heather had a lot of cake scraps from sculpted cake orders, so she started working on the Devil’s Bon Bons concept and on presentation until they are what they are now.

The Devil’s Bon Bons cake bites are available at the Sugar Smitten etsy store, but if you live in or near Ashland Oregon and need an amazing cake for an event, check out Heather’s website.

Top picture by City Girl; other pictures by Heather Cheney at Sugar Smitten

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1 Karley January 13, 2009 at 9:02 pm

Aren’t they yummy? I also had some sent to my brother for his birthday.

I was so impressed with these, especially the delicious Carrot Cake ones!


2 City Girl January 22, 2009 at 3:30 pm

They really are so very tasty. And unique!


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