Remember Fashion Friday?

by Valerie on February 12, 2009 · 0 comments

Tomorrow is Friday, which is a very good thing, and I have a post planned – it’s on cupcakes. Very easily shipped cupcakes. They’re awesome – you should totally come back and check it out. But I digress because I really wanted to talk about fashion. See, here’s the thing, when I first started this blog I wanted to do Fashion Fridays weekly, but I ended up abandoning this plan because I was woefully uninspired by fashion at the time. So I changed the label to fashion musings because that meant I could post about fashion whenever – but really, the issue is that I go through phases when fashion in the “trend” sense is fun and I follow it, but then others where I am just uninspired.

Furthermore, I dress very conservatively and, dare I say, almost uniform-like. As I mentioned in past posts, I favor black pantsuits. I have several, and wear them a lot, often with black knit tops. That outfit, in fact, really is almost like a uniform for me – especially on days I am rushed. I so appreciate Corporette‘s blog, because it is a wonderful reminder that there are more feminine professional clothes that can be worn in a business professional environment. But, in my office, business professional is more like business formal professional, while business casual is closer to business professional. I don’t mind it, but it does not make for blogging about fashion trends a little more difficult.

Something did occur to me as I was reading Real Simple and Lucky this month – Fashion Fridays need not be about the latest trend – it could be about clothes and style and things like fashion solutions. Sometimes, I think I prefer fashion solutions more than fashion trends – by solutions i mean articles like “the best button down shirts’ or “how to dress if you are .” For me, this winter, “finding a pair of flat and truly tall but not-over-the-knee black boots” could have been its own “fashion solution” write-up – so I am thinking of bringing Fashion Friday back with less of an emphasis on trends, maybe even renaming it something like Stylish Fridays?

As always, comments are much appreciated!

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