Top 50 Food Blogs and A Book about Life

by Valerie on February 25, 2009 · 0 comments

I just saw this today, and wanted to share it with you. It’s the Top 50 food blogs according to the Times – the one in London that doesn’t need to qualify itself with a city like the New York Times. Many of my very favorite blogs are on the list, leading off with Orangette, and including Smitten Kitchen and The Traveler’s Lunchbox – all blogs I have read for several years. They are all wonderful for different reasons. Smitten Kitchen is more technique and humor to me while the Traveler’s Lunchbox weaves travel in as part of the context for making certain recipes, while Orangette is more about life – honestly, you could hate to cook and still enjoy Orangette.

As I mentioned before, Orangette’s Molly Wizenberg, wrote a book – A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table. It is coming out next week – though according to comments on her blog, those who pre-ordered already have them. Amazon pre-ordering let me down once, in like 2003, with a Sex and The City DVD, and I was in this really silly situation where whereever I went I was being taunted by the DVD but couldn’t actually purchase it and watch since I had already purchased it. It’s completely silly, especially considering I can’t even tell you what season of SATC that was, but ever since then I have been allergic to pre-ordering and always procrastinate pre-ordering. Now I am completely jealous of those who did pre-order A Homemade Life – some have even finished reading it.

Serves me right for not ordering this book sooner like I should have. It promises to be delightful – like I said above, you don’t have to like cooking to enjoy Molly Wizenberg’s writing – it really is about life and family and, of course, food. Here is a link to the various book-related events Molly will be at.

On other news, I have been, shall we say, behind on my blogging. In fact, I started writing this post on Tuesday but it’s now Wednesday and I am finishing it up. Ok, that’s two things I have admitted now – I can’t seem to pre-order books I am dying to read and I am behind on blogging. I am just going to go write another post before I make any more confessions in this post.

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