When A Food Blogger Can’t Eat Everything

by Valerie on July 12, 2009 · 0 comments

This weekend I shared why my blog has recently had a dearth of cupcakes and cheese. It’s kind of a long story, so here is the short version is: for various health reasons, including food allergies, I am on a restricted diet for now. While most food groups aren’t completely cut out, dairy is very much bye-bye, and likely will never be a big part of my life again, if any.

Lest this sound too dramatic, let me assure you I hope I can eat cheese again, someday, in small quantities. But for right now, it is no-dairy. Eventually there will be more allergy testing, but that’s all in the future. Update from 2010 – sadly, dairy and I parted ways permanently since.
So, if you are a new reader, that’s why you may occasionally see references to me not being able to eat dairy. You see, it’s still new to me.

I also figured I would put this post up for days where you wonder why I have two pesto recipes in my archives (with delicious Parmesan goodness) and am now prattling about dairy-free pesto.

Which kind of sucks when you love to eat and used to pride yourself on eating everything.

And it sucks if you are a food blogger, because, even though not all my posts are about food, I still felt like I should give you a heads-up about this development in my life.

The good news for you – I am eating even more vegetables than before, and learning new ways to make them delicious that don’t involve the smidge of butter I often added to the olive oil. So, if you are watching your dairy intake for any number of reasons (allergies, heart condition, cholesterol), there will be much good food for you.

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