A Pearl of Wisdom {by Christine}

by Valerie on August 10, 2009 · 8 comments

I am so honored that Christine, aka the Blisschick, submitted a pearl, especially since her blog was one of the inspirations for this pearls project. In addition to writing a wonderful blog, Christine is co-teaching a creativity workshop in September. Here is Christine’s pearl:

Dear Christine at the age of 8,

Yep, you are totally right, they are pretty crazy and you DO make it. There are years of sad, but you come out of them so very happy. Completely and utterly happy. But here’s some advice: start doing yoga sooner rather than later; take your writing seriously right away instead of waiting until you’re 35; never, ever, ever stop the dancing — stay in classes and go for it. Don’t let anyone change your essence. You are FULL of so much creative expression; let it out, because it will save your life.

All of the love and peace you weren’t getting,
Christine, age 40

Please keep sending me pearls of wisdom and I will post them here. Please also feel free to send pictures with your pearls {whether your own or pictures you like that can be reproduced under Creative Commons licensing}.

Photo courtesy of BlissChick.

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