Beauty Monday: Pink Sugar Blends

by Valerie on November 9, 2009 · 1 comment

 I spent years thinking I could not wear the lovely AquolinaPink Sugar, but then my body chemistry changed and now it is a frequent favorite.  One thing I do like about Pink Sugar is that many of the indie bath and body companies I order from offer their own Pink Sugar blends –  I discovered those blends in an effort to wear something pink sugary, even if I could not wear the actual scent, but now I still like them because that allows me to change up my Pink Sugar edp through layering with various body lotions, all of which have Pink Sugar as part of the notes.
Why would that I do that? Mainly because, as much as I love Aquolina’s Pink Sugar, it is consistenly of the five top selling fragances at Sephora.  By layering my edp with creams in Pink Sugar blends from various indie etailers, I can customize the scent a bit and make it a bit more individual.

Before I get started on the various blends, I wanted to remind you that you can get a dupe of Pink Sugar if you don’t want to pay the Aquolina prices. The following indie etailers have great straight dupes: Jeannes Bath Shoppe, Cleanse your Soul and Coconut Hut. So you could order a perfume spray or any of their various paraben-free lotions and creams scented with Pink Sugar. 

The best place for Pink Sugar blends is Cleanse Your Soul. CYS has over 20 Pink Sugar Blends (23 at last count). You will find something there.  For summer, I love her Pink Sugar plus fruit blends personally. My summer favorites are Pink Lime Margarita , Coral Sugar (pink sugar plus blood orange) and Pink Pineapple Sugar. They are all scrummy. I personally like to layer the emollient in these with my Pink Sugar edp, but you could also layer with an complementary fruit scent – i.e. Pink Lime Margarita with a lime perfume or Coral Sugar with blood orange essential oil. For cooler months, I love CYS’s Pink Almond Cream, especially in the Body Cream, which is paraben-free and a lovely thick cream with shea butter, shea oil and olive oil. My other favorite is Pink Marshmallow, which I have reviewed here.  Pink Angel Fluff is nice too, but it is somehow more sugary than Pink Almond Cream or Pink Marshmallow. 

In addition to these Pink Sugar blends, CYS also has Sunshine Sugar (pink sugar plus lemon), Rachel Goes Pink (a CYS fruity blend with Pink Sugar), Pink Satsuma (which is like Coral Sugar but with a more intense orange note), Pink Ambrosia Marshmallow, Pink Angel Fluff, Pink Chocolovers Cake (very chocolaty – I tried this in a scrub), Pink Brulee, Pink Currant Cream, Pink Fairy Frosting, Pink Strawberry Coconut, Pink Tahitian Sunset Cake, Pink Velvet Cake, Blueberry Pink Sugar, Sugared Rainbows, Pink Lilacs, Baby Pink Powder, Harvest Sugar. Wow, I’ve managed to make my Pink Sugar obsession appear to grow exponentially by writing this post.  

I also can’t finish this post without mentioning Coconut Hut — I adore her Blushing Pink Soda Punch scent — the pink sugar note in this blend adds sophistication to a strawberry-passion fruit-lemon-lime-vanilla blend. I know I raved about it before, but I had to mention it again. Also, I love love love a Coconut Hut custom blend of 25%Pink Sugar/75% Creme Brulee. My friend Mary Ellen requested this blend, and it’s wonderful. As a long-time Pink Sugar aficionado she knows that Pink Sugar can take over vanilla scents, so the 25% idea makes a big difference in the scent being balanced.

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1 Karley November 9, 2009 at 11:11 pm

I used to LOVE Pink Sugar and bought Coral Sugar, Rachel Goes Pink, and Pink Satsuma from Judy at CYS. All were lovely!


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