A Pearl of Wisdom {by Dani}

by Valerie on January 26, 2010 · 2 comments

I was thrilled when Dani from Positively Present sent a pearl of wisdom.  Ever since we connected on twitter, I have been reading her blog and find it very inspiring.  Here is Dani’s pearl, which she wrote on her 26th birhday:

Dear 26-Year-Old Dani,

Happy birthday! It’s been a greatyear and so much has happened to you. You’ve written a novel, stoppeddrinking excessively, began working on your personal development, takensome leaps forward in your professional career, and started two blogsthat bring you tons of happiness. Congrats! This year was prettyawesome, but next year is going to be even better, but you have tolisten up. I have some advice for you before you jump headfirst intoyour next year. As your younger self, I’ve been through a lot this yearand I’ve learned a ton of important lessons. Here a few that you should carry with you as you move on to the next year of your life…
  • Don’t be so impatient.Life, lessons, love (yes, everything worth having) takes time. Stoprushing so much and sit back and enjoy this life. It’s yours and younever get more by rushing. Don’t talk over others. Don’t drive so fast(yes, you will lose your license if you don’t stop that!).Don’t hurry through assignments and blog posts. S-l-o-w down. Life isexciting, I know, but it will be waiting for you even if you take yourtime.

  • Love yourself unconditionally.You’re a pretty awesome person, even if you don’t always see it. Lookat the way other people talk to you and look at you. They love you.They admire you. They respect you. Love, admire, and respect yourself.You deserve praise and you deserve to hear it coming from your ownlips. You’ve accomplished so much in your life. Remember that.

  • Focus on the positive things.As much progress as you’ve made this year, I know sometimes it’s hardnot to slip back into a negative way of thinking. You’ve been doing itfor so long that it’s one of the hardest habits to break, but you cando it. Listen to yourself when you speak and recognize when you’reletting the negative thoughts take over. Do whatever you can to get ridof them because you and I both know that you don’t need them anymore.

  • Cut yourself some slack.You work hard at everything. You are dedicated and determined. But justlike everyone else, you’re not perfect. That’s okay. Accept yourimperfections, your flaws, your slip-ups, and refrain from judgingyourself too harshly. These moments will pass and you will still haveall of the progress you’ve made. You are not perfect, you will neverbe, and that’s okay.

  • Keep doing what you’re doing.You know what you want in your life, and if you keep it up, you willhave all of those things and more. You’ve worked so hard to get towhere you are right now. Keep it up. If you do, I just know you will besuccessful. It won’t always be easy (but what great things ever are?),but don’t give up. Keep writing, keep dreaming, keep doing.

Your twenty-fifth year was a greatone, Dani, and I know this one will be even better. Listen to your ownadvice. There’s a reason people read your blog. There’s a reason yourfriends come to you seeking guidance. You give the world great advice.Now it’s up to you to open your ears, your mind, your heart, and listento your own words of wisdom. Listen to your younger self. She has somepretty good ideas if I do say so myself! If you listen — really listen– to your own advice, great things will happen. You know what youwant. You know what you need to do. Keep doing all of the great thingsyou’ve been doing, listen to yourself, and I know this year will bringyou just as much happiness as the year that came before it. Here’s toanother great year living happily ever after now!
25-Year-Old Dani

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Photo credit: D Sharon Pruitt
/ CC BY 2.0

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1 C'Anna January 27, 2010 at 5:08 am

This is exactly what I needed to read today, this week, this month, this year. Thank you Dani, I can relate so much to your words of wisdom, it's very much appreciated :)


2 positively present January 27, 2010 at 1:05 pm

Thanks so much for featuring me in this awesome Pearls of Wisdom idea that you're rockin' here. I'm glad to be a part of it!

C'Anna, I'm so glad these words of wisdom rang true for you! :)


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