{City Girl Eats} Sheese Vegan Cheese (Cheddars edition)

by Valerie on February 17, 2010 · 2 comments

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I was so excited when my Whole Foods started carrying a few types of Sheese, and I am hearing it is popping up at other Whole Foods, so I thought a review was in order.  Sheese is the first vegan cheese that actually made me think that eating vegan cheese with crackers was a good idea.  So far I have tried the three types of cheddars (and a couple of the Creamy Sheeses), but I fully intend to work my way through many more kinds, especially now that Whole Foods carries a few flavors.  So today let’s talk about the cheddar Sheeses but really, let’s just talk about the Strong Cheddar flavor.  I bought it back around Thanksgiving, and the person working at the Pangea Vegan Store (review of the store here) recommended that flavor as most cheese-like and excellent with crackers.  And she was right.  It’s salty and strong and satisfying.  Based on how tasty the Strong Cheddar was, I tried the other two cheddars, but I found the Medium cheddar to have an odd aftertaste, and I realized when I tried the Smoked Cheddar flavor that I never really liked smoked cheddar when I could eat dairy, which is to say, the Smoked Cheddar tasted pretty spot-on.

I usually eat Strong Cheddar Sheese sliced thin in a sandwich with hummus (it works particularly well with Noshtopia’s Edamame Hummus) or as part of a plate of goodies like the one below.  Yes, that’s two kinds of hummus (the Noshtopia hummus and some black bean hummus, which was really just leftover black beans with salsa thrown in the food processor with some hummus), along with some baby spinach, baby carrots, Marys Gone Crackers Original, and a wedge of Strong Cheddar Sheese (which is not orange, but the lighting was weird the day I took the picture below).  I find that just a little wedge of Sheese makes such a plate extra satisfying because it adds an additional texture and flavor.

Christmas 2009 007

Curious about City Girl Eats? Click here for background and FAQ’s.

Sheese is actually made by a Scottish company, and has been around for over twenty years.  It is gluten-free and vegan and does not have any hydrogenated fats.  I have been really pleased with it – the only thing about it that I wish could be changed is that it contains spirit vinegar, and I try to stay away from such harsh vinegars.  That said, I will make an exception to that rule for the occasional wedge of Sheese. And I promise more Sheese reviews in the future. I am curious about their Creamy Sheeses too, which seems to be the Sheese answer to the fact that regular Sheese is not very melty at all. As you can see from the pictures on their website, anything that involves melty gooeyness involves combining a Creamy Sheese with the hard Sheese counterpart.  If you are interested in purchasing Sheese, it is available at several Whole Foods and through several vegan websites like Pangea Vegan Store.

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1 Carolyn February 22, 2010 at 10:25 pm

Haha I can't help but laugh at the name – "sheese." And you're right about adding additional texture and flavor. With cheese, what i'm really mixing is the salt and fat combo.


2 The Voracious Vegan June 10, 2010 at 4:45 pm

Sheese and hummus!?!? You are a GENIUS! What a great combo, I'm going to be giving that a try for sure.

They have Sheese only in Bahrain, the country across the causeway from Saudi Arabia. But since we go there quite frequently we should have it regularly….as long as they stock their inventory better than most stores here!

So far I've only tried sheese and tofutti, and sheese is the hands down winner – I love it, especially the mozzarella flavor. I really love tofutti cream cheese, but their sliced cheese is only okay. It makes a good grilled cheese sandwich, but that's about it!


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