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by Valerie on September 6, 2010 · 4 comments

Over the years, as my blog has changed with my life (and changed names a couple of times), one of the things I have always wanted is to continue to have a life and lifestyle element.  When I wrote only about green beauty, I found I wanted to write about other things I did in my life, clothes I liked, foods I ate, yoga workshops I attended, movies I saw and books I read.  And so I did (though oddly I can’t find any posts on movies, hmmm).  These days, however, writing about stuff other than food is more of an aspiration to be honest. A lot of my days go something like this: work, yoga or the gym (usually yoga), time with husband, blog and food.  And let’s face it, the most interesting thing to share with you all is the last bit.  Much to my horror (well, not really, but you get the idea), I have not really read that many magazines or books in months, or spent time perusing ingredients of beauty products or looking at clothes.

I am sure eventually a shift will occur (as you know, there’s been many on this blog) and I will write less about food and more about all the other things I love to write about.  In the meantime, though, I have asked Carolyn of Hang on Tomato to tell us about her take on fashion this fall.  I have read  Hang on Tomato for over three years now and have been lucky enough to become friends with Carolyn over our blogs and after meeting in person too.  What I love about Carolyn’s blog is that it is about life – the good, the bad, the transitions (Carolyn moved from Texas to New York this summer!), and the fun things like fashion and lists of eye candy that brighten Monday Mornings.  She’s on twitter too!

So here’s Carolyn:

Fall Trends Worth Trying
New York City has dipped into the 60’s at night, and I can no longer ignore the visions of homemade fires, changing leaves, warm stews, hot cocoa, and most importantly, fall fashion in my head!!  Fall brings with it a fresh start, a time to reinvent yourself, or maybe just an opportunity to tweak your style to stay au courant.  While I’m definitely known to go above and beyond when it comes to fashion, you can adopt some of Fall 2010’s hottest trends with a few simple additions.  In fact, chances are, you probably have some of these looks in your closet already!  Voila my top 3 trends worth trying:
  1. The Camel Coat
    Ah, the classic camel coat.  This is one look I’ve loved for ages, but have never adopted for my own.  Chic, neutral, and minimalistic (huge for Fall), this is one piece that will never go out of style.  In the future, I’d love to pick up a gorgeous Max Mara version, but for this Fall, I’m opting for this beautifully boxy version from Talbots. 
  1. Lovely Leopard
    Leopard is EVERYWHERE this Fall, and it’s one of the easiest trends to pull off.  Add it in small touches, like a leopard shoe or clutch, or go mah-jor (a la Rachel Zoe) and bust out a leopard faux fur chubby!  I am especially loving this look by Dries Van Noten, as it combines several of this Fall’s top trends: leopard, fur (I prefer faux!), and military green (see #3 below!). 
  1. Military Green
    If you haven’t noticed the influx of olive green everywhere, from your local Target to Barney’s, then you must be living under a rock.  This khaki favorite is back in a big way, and you can get your fix for next to nothing!  Old Navy’s been a great resource for my military fix, and although the jacket below is sold out online, you can find it at your local Old Navy store for a mere $39.50.  Or, if you’re feeling particular generous with yourself, I am obsessed with this shrunken Elizabeth and James take.  Whatever you do, don’t throw this one over baggy khakis or ho-hum denim.  The most stylish way to don this look?  Throw it over a sparkly party dress or barely there mini and enjoy a night on the town!

Thank you Carolyn!!


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1 Karina Allrich September 6, 2010 at 9:15 pm

I love jacket weather. These are so cute. I'm with you on the shrunken surplus style jacket. We would rock that, right? 😉


2 Ellecubed September 6, 2010 at 10:23 pm

Love this post and absolutely love the military green jacket. Thank you both for this wonderful post.


3 Carolyn September 6, 2010 at 10:37 pm

THANKS, V!!! I had an absolute blast writing this post and it's an honor to be featured on your blog. xoxoxo


4 TheAnalyst September 6, 2010 at 10:41 pm

Great post! I'm surprised I actually have two of the three (camel trench and military green) and have had them for years! Maybe I could spice up the mix with some leopard.


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