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by Valerie on September 8, 2010 · 1 comment

Happy Tuesday. I got home around 9.30 from Tuesday Night yoga – tonight I was able to go to an earlier class than my usual vinyasa class- the earlier class is yin yoga which is great for deep stretches.  Since getting home I have alternated between puttering in the kitchen and at the computer.

Remember these

Bird Egg Beans Dupont Market

Turns out I bought just about a pound:

Birds Egg Beans Dupont Market

Which yielded 8oz of shelled beans, Arent’s they pretty:

Shelled Birt

I cooked them for 30 minutes in boiling water. Sadly they don’t stay pink:

Tuesday Night 008

I am thinking they are going to get turned into a bean salad with a mustard dressing, but that’s for tomorrow.

I also steamed sweet potatoes as I am having the worst sweet potato craving. I love being able use my rice cooker to steam vegetables and sweet potatoes to slow cook beans. I heart the rice cooker:

Tuesday Night 009

I also had a waning Artisana Coconut Butter jar:

Sweet Potato in a Jar

So I added half a sweet potato and 3 drops of vanilla stevia:

Sweet Potato in a Jar

Yummy post-yoga snack/dessert. I have noticed several   bloggers scraping out nut jars by filling them with oatmeal or pureed veggies. I have done this for a long time, so it is nice to see others doing the same things!

I also packed our lunches and did a couple of other food prep things. And I was thinking about how food prep is a significant part of my life.  I remembered that I often get asked (both through the blog and in real life) how I stay on top of not only eating gluten-free, dairy-free, mostly vegan and low-glycemic, but also avoiding processed and convenience foods as assiduously as I do. At first, I threw plenty of tantrums about how much work it was – however, almost 18 months later, I do think that continuing to feel better and energetic allows me to focus on the positive side of this lifestyle change, even if it can be a lot of work.  Making an interesting new discovery at the market helps.  As does gauging the amount of food prep you are up for doing and keeping it organic – i.e. tonight I wanted to putter, so I did not take on a terrible complicated set of tasks – organize lunch, shell beans, peel and cut potatoes, think about what to do with beans, makes sweet potato in a jar, and prepare overnight oats for tomorrow. Both the beans and the sweet potatoes required unattended cooking which allowed me to putter on the computer.  And whenever I think I cannot de-stem yet another leaf of kale, I put the kale away for a couple of hours and do something completely different, which helps too. 

Do you feel like food prep sometimes takes over your life?


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1 Samantha September 8, 2010 at 12:27 pm

I do sometimes feel like food prep is quite time consuming but I often try to make big batches so I have leftovers and can keep kitchen time to a minimum whenever necessary.


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