{Today’s Lunchbox} Monday Lunchboxes Should Be Fancy

by Valerie on December 6, 2010 · 0 comments

Sushi lunchbox 005

I am a big believer in making the everyday extraordinary, and liberally apply this theory to lunchboxes.

Particularly on Mondays.  Especially when it is raining.

As it was last Monday – it was also the Monday after Thanksgiving, though I had kind of missed the whole four day weekend thing, so to me it was just a regular Monday, mostly.  Still, it called for an extra special lunch.

The previous Saturday had been an at home sushi night, and there was leftover brown rice (my favorite short-grain brand) in the fridge, as well as some julienned scallions.  So Sunday night, I decided to see how long it would take me to make a couple sushi rolls and pack them along with the rest of lunch.  I briefly microwaved a cup of brown rice with a few drop of water to give it life again, and sprinkled it with a tablespoon brown rice vinegar in which I had dissolved a pinch of coconut palm sugar (I used this one from Navitas) and a pinch of sea salt.  As much as I love avocado in my sushi, I did not want brown bits in it, so I skipped that altogether.  Instead, twenty minutes and two rolls later, I had packed my sushi lunch:

  • Brown rice roll with sweet potato, miso and scallions
  • Brown rice roll with smoked salmon and scallions 
  • Tiny bottle of tamari

I was a very happy camper.  Nothing like sushi to make lunch at your desk more fun, especially when combined with sliced zucchini and celery for crunch. 

Yet sushi was not enough, clearly, as I also had what I think of as the Canadian Bloggy Snack:

Sushi lunchbox 011

A third of a recipe of Angela’s Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats (I substitute stevia for the maple syrup and skipped the toppings) topped with Ricki’s Sugar Free Oven Dried Cranberries.

One last thing – the two brown rice rolls too me under 20 minutes to make, so, while not super-fast for a rushed weeknight, completely doable on a Sunday night.

Have a great Monday!


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