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by Valerie on December 10, 2010 · 2 comments

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Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger created by Sea of Book of Yum continues to be one of my favorite monthly events.  This month, I decided to adopt Amy of Simply Sugar & Gluten-FreeAmy has wonderful recipes and is such inspiration in how she fosters community  amongst bloggers and readers. I love reading her blog because she is always connecting people to each other,whether through her weekly Slightly Indulgent event, her wonderful Gluten-Free Holiday series, or the causes she supports. Reading Amy’s blog really feels like chatting with a friend and all her other friends who comment.  

Amy’s recipes are also all pretty fantastic.  They are all free of gluten and sugar and she focuses on low-glycemic sweeteners, which is perfect for me.  The picture above is her  Black Bean Chili with Butternut Squash and Swiss Chard.  It was smokey and satisfying and warming.  Husband and I made this chili one of the first few nights it got really cold in Washington, DC a couple of weeks ago and it was just what we needed to warm us up.  Below is Amy’s Apple & Carrot Breakfast Cake, which is adapted from the Vitamix cookbook. 
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In the post that includes the  Apple & Carrot Breakfast Cake, Amy talks about how long she mulled the purchase of a Vitamix, and I could so totally relate to that.  Incidentally, the cake you see above is the recipe as written on the blog, including eggs. I made two half batches of the cake – one with eggs for my husband, and one with flax seeds for me.  The recipe was perfect when I used eggs, but a bit too moist when I substituted flax seeds, hemp milk and a extra baking soda in the vegan version.  I also made it again using egg substitute, which I generally avoid in favor of flax or chia seeds – and the crumb and loft using egg substitute (and warm almond milk instead of water) rivaled the original recipe.  I do think this cake needs the structure that eggs give it, and egg substitute provides a bit more structure than flax or chia.  I keep making this cake as half batches using a loaf pan, and I really like the results, plus it is a perfect small quantity of cake.  It has also worked well using this brown rice flour and egg substitute – I ran out of sorghum and do not plan to buy it again (I am trying to shift more to grain-free or use gluten-free flours that have lower cross-contamination) so I intend to keep playing with this recipe concept – I think next time I will try quinoa flour or flakes along with teff flour.  This recipe is absolutely a keeper and I love Amy’s adaptation of it.

Finally, Amy’s weight loss story is so inspiring. I can really relate to her point that cutting out white sugars and flour helped her combat food cravings.  When I cut out gluten, my joint pain went away right away (soon followed by headaches, congestion and hearburn), but I also noticed that my food cravings improved dramatically and fairly quickly.  At that point, I had already cut out all refined sugars for a while, and while my food cravings had improved, going completely gluten-free really made a difference from that standpoint.  

Simply Sugar- and Gluten-Free Meals in 20 Minutes: 120 Easy and Delicious Recipes

I really encourage you to check out Amy’s blog and, come January, her new book with the same theme.  I for one cannot wait!   


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1 Iris December 12, 2010 at 6:23 pm

Lovely write-up Valerie! Amy is indeed an inspiration for us all. That apple cake looks so good…I remember seeing the recipe and wishing I had a vitamix so I could make it!


2 Amy @ Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free December 13, 2010 at 12:32 pm

Hi Valerie!! I'm so honored that you've adopted me and taken the time to share in so much detail about your experiences with my recipes. It really means so much. :) You picked two of my favorite recipes – in fact I just made the bean soup again but I used more broth and sweet potatoes instead of butternut squash. Loved it.

It's neat to learn that you've had a similar experience with food cravings, too. I hear that from so many people…it's amazing how much food impacts our lives.

Much love,


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