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by Valerie on January 25, 2011 · 0 comments

Today's Lunchbox 007
I know, I know, I am always telling you how a little bit of thinking ahead goes a long way to making lunchboxes. Last night, I was past thinking ahead (read, work fried my brain) and it was well past 10pm before I realized I should have roasted a couple of sweet potatoes for today. That said, I knew the fridge held black beans and azukis, cooked from dried beans, and leftover quinoa, and lots of vegetables and fruit. I figured something could come together out of that. This morning, while sipping my breakfast smoothie and packing the other half for a late-morning snack, I rattled a bit around the freezer and the fridge. Black beans and quinoa were an easy match, with some lime juice and Herbamare. I considered steaming some broccolini but then realized I was too short on time (had I thrown it in the steamer before making the smoothie, that would have been fine, but I was not awake enough to think). I considered making a second smoothie to get more veggies in (I use about 3/4 to 1 cup of pumpkin when I make pumpkin smoothies), but I ended up toasting a brown rice tortillas (tips here) and stuffing it with some raw almond butter and calling it a day. My morning and mid-morning smoothies cover 4 servings of vegetables and fruit, and I will have a big salad and maybe some carrot soup (I made some in the Vita last night, and it was so fast, I may make more tonight) for dinner, so I will get my veggies in. 
The specifics for lunch and two snacks:
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